Probably those students who choose to work in the Student Council of the University of Latvia, seem very serious and even a little obsessed with improving the quality of studies and election commissions of various representatives, but this is not the case. The Student Council is actually a place to challenge, learn responsibility, work in a team and make lots of new friends.

Officially, the Student Council is an elected, independent, collegial institution for the representation of students' rights and interests at the University of Latvia. From all 13 student self-governments of the faculties, there are elected representatives who form the Council of the highest decision-making bodies of the Student Council, which annually elects the chairman from among themselves and the heads of the board directions according to the chairman's model.

The structure of the Student Council, although it seems a bit complicated from the beginning, is necessary and fights for the opinion of students on behalf of all faculties. In order to distribute the work among the board members, separate directions have been created, which are responsible for various problems relevant to students.

Students who work in the Student Council, solve various issues not only about the acclimatization of foreign students and the mentoring system, but also organize various events for the UL students (student festival "Aristotle", sports games, etc.). At the same time, only within a separate faculty, there are also faculty student self-governments (FSS), whose opinions are heard by the Student Council at the FSS management meetings, general meetings and at any time on a daily basis.

Students who work in students' self-governments, are united by the desire to be heard, to improve the study process not only for themselves, but also for other students, and to ensure that students' opinions are taken into account. On a daily basis, these same people take on quite a variety of jobs, motivated to do well mainly by the students around them and a shared desire to do so. In the Student Council you can learn skills that will be useful in any workplace, for example, organizing events from scratch allows you to understand that anything, absolutely anything is just a few calls away, while working in the Senate and Student Council allows you to better understand the University and government. Therefore, student, join us!