The main topic of the event was "smart university". The event provided an opportunity for students, researchers and graduates to demonstrate their achievements during the year, as well as to generate new innovative ideas. All the proposals of the participants of the Idea Laboratory were recognized as useful for the University of Latvia. The winners of the Idea Laboratory were the two best ideas: "System for renting premises", which would facilitate the reservation of the University premises, and the idea of a digital map of UL premises, which will facilitate orientation in UL premises for guests and students.

In May 2021 ended the Idea Laboratory follow-up programme, organized by the University of Latvia Innovation Centre (LUMIC) last year, within which four teams, continuing their work after the UL New Technologies and Innovations Day 2020, developed supervision of mentors and other experts for university development.

Throughout the semester, students developed prototypes and other materials according to what they wanted to achieve by organizing meetings and brainstorming meetings remotely.

4 student teams under the guidance of mentors developed innovative tools for the development of the University of Latvia:

  • Study digitalization tool;
  • Part C of the course "Climate Change and Sustainable Development";
  • Development of UL digital map;
  • Establishment of room reservation system.

The teams were given a specific period of time to engage in developing these ideas. The primary support that students received, of course, was their mentors in the field, who not only helped to generate ideas, but also supported them in the idea development process. The second support is innovation grant scholarships, in order to motivate students to act and create a driving force.

These types of opportunities give students additional knowledge about various processes and the development of ideas in the vast "world of innovation". It makes students think 3 steps forward, be aware of potential risks, benefits and other factors that will help the idea to become a real product. In addition, the student gains experience, listens to constructive criticism and develops creative thinking that will help in choosing a specific career path.