LU Jauno tehnoloģiju un inovāciju diena 2022

New Technologies and Innovations Day

The New Technologies and Innovations Day (NTID) takes place every September, providing an opportunity for University of Latvia (UL) students, researchers and graduates to demonstrate and evaluate the achievements of the year.

During the day, events take place in the UL Nature house (Jelgava street 1, Riga) – presentations, discussions, competitions, exhibitions, etc., during which you can get acquainted with research activities in an interactive and also popular scientific way. NTID also integrates the annual UL Alumni Day, which gives graduates the opportunity to show what they have achieved, as they have proven themselves in science, art and other fields.

The event takes visitors on a research trip, during which it is possible to have fun and learn new, interesting and valuable information about what is happening at the University of Latvia and about the development of science in general.

UL New Technologies and Innovations Day 2021 will take place on 23 and 24 September – the week when the University of Latvia will celebrate its 102nd birthday. The event will take place both in person (UL Nature House, Jelgavas Street 1, Riga) and online. Entrance only with interoperable Covid-19 certificates.

The theme of the NTID 2021 is "Ability and opportunity = sustainable innovation"

The target audience of the event is current, former and future students of the University of Latvia, and others interested. The aim is to show the achievements of current and former students of the University of Latvia in an exciting and understandable way to promote public interest in studies, science, innovations, and strengthen people's confidence that science is an open, perspective, innovative and exciting field today.

In today's context, innovation is not just about technology, but about a creative, forward-looking view of each industry and its evolution. Participants of the event will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in the Idea Laboratory or Virtual Think Tank, where they will be able to generate new ideas, meet inspiring mentors, learn design thinking workshops and much more;
  • find out about the latest innovations in the Knowledge Agora, which will be attended by UL scientists and researchers, winners of various innovation events (incubators, hackathons, etc.) and UL cooperation partners;
  • listen to special guest discussions;
  • participate in various side events.

The event is co-financed by the University of Latvia ERDF project No. "University of Latvia innovation grants for students"