On the UL New Technologies and Innovations Day, the Knowledge Agora is the central event, in which each participant shares his or her knowledge, discoveries, research, ideas, achievements and communicates them to the whole world.

Any researcher or student of the University of Latvia, who has recently conducted or is currently conducting an innovative study, offered an idea and wants to raise interest of the wider public, can apply for the Knowledge Agora.

The Knowledge Agora 2021 will be divided into 4 blocks:

  • Natural Sciences;
  • Humanities and Arts;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Medicine and Health Sciences.

The duration of each presentation is 5–8 minutes, and the activities will be divided into two days. Depending on security considerations, lecturers will speak in person or remotely. It is planned to broadcast the Knowledge Agora online, as well as to ensure publicity before and after the event.